Seafood from Iceland is delicious

We want to inspire everyone to eat seafood that's good for them and good for the world. That's why we only work with Icelandic suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability. And it's why we bring you the most delicious, healthy, and authentic Icelandic seafood recipes possible.


Breaded Cod Rolls

Breaded Cod Rolls

Fresh, crispy, and tender. Our breaded cod rolls are so good your kids will wonder why you neve...

Fish Taco

Nacho average taco—colorful, fresh, and bursting with flavours, we know you will reach for more...

Haddock Fingers

Flaky, lightly seasoned haddock coated in a crispy golden breadcrumb is mouth wateringly delici...

Fish Croquettes

These golden crispy fish croquettes are the perfect appetizer with a tangy sauce.

Haddock en Papillote

Haddock en Papillote is an aromatic fish parcel perfect for simple and nutricious dinner.

Oven Baked Cod

Tender and mild cod flavours blend perfectly with simple ingredients for an Icelandic kitchen c...

Cod Ceviche

Cod cerviche is wildly delicious and easy to make with tangy citrus juices, shallots, onions, a...

Fried Fish & Mushroom Risotto

Filets of tender cod blend perfectly with the the creaminess of the risotto and earthy mushroom...

Haddock Paupiette

Haddock Paupiette

Baking haddock in parchment paper packets is one of the most foolproof and satsifying methods t...

Fish and Chips

Simple and good ingredients—it is hard to go wrong with fish and chips.

Seafood from Iceland's delicious recipes.