Why Seafood from Iceland?

Iceland has some of the world's cleanest and most sustainable fisheries, and we want to keep it that way. In recent decades we have collected vast amounts of fisheries data and instituted thorough monitoring practices. We follow strict science-based quotas with complete transparency.

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Using a research-based management approach, Iceland's Marine Research Institute issues annual catch quotas that prevent overfishing and maintain a healthy marine balance. Transparent regulations and rigorous surveillance mean that you can trust that the Icelandic fish on your plate was legally and sustainably harvested.

We know our actions today

will preserve our fishing heritage for tomorrow by upholding our nation's traditions of promoting superior quality, purity, and delicious fish that were sustainably caught.  

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while the boats have changed, and our sea technology has vastly improved, we are still fishermen and women in our hearts

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Cutting-edge processing technologies adopted around the country help minimize waste, ensuring industry-leading yields. When you are a fish processor, every gram matters.

Over time, these grams add up to tons! Even small advances in processing and efficiency allow processors to make the most of every fish while reducing waste.

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Deep resources

We consider fish a precious natural resource to protect and manage. Furthermore, considerable strides in the efficiency of our fishing vessels and locating the catch mean fewer carbon emissions and getting products to market more rapidly for a fresher and tastier product.

We partner with Icelandic fishermen and women to bring you the finest seafood available – straight from the source.

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Why Seafood from Iceland?