Breaded Cod Rolls

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Breaded Cod Rolls



200 g cod filets
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Garlic Bread

2 slices white bread, flattened
200 g butter
10 garlic cloves
10 g parsley
Parmesan cheese

Garlic Sauce

200 g mayonnaise
100 g sour cream or crème fraîche
2 tsp. salt
Juice from ½ lemon
2 garlic cloves

Other Ingredients




Cut into approx. 2 cm strips (depending on the size of the bread).
Season with olive oil, salt, pepper and chives.

Bread Rolls

Mix melted butter, garlic and parsley and drizzle on both sides of bread.
Place fish on the bread and roll firmly.
Cover in grated parmesan and cook in oven at 180°C for 9 min.
Serve with garlic mayo, arugula and cherry tomatoes.

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