Taste the Icelandic difference

Seafood from Iceland is a collaboration of fishing companies working together and marketing under one brand of origin to maximize the value of products.

A harbour in Húsavík village

Our goal

The goal is to positively influence the perception of Icelandic food culture and more recognition and appreciation of our cuisine and fisheries.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of Iceland's unique fishing communities, traditions, sustainable fishing practices, and the health benefits of Icelandic fish.

We believe that by increasing awareness and perception of Seafood from Iceland, consumers will actively seek Icelandic fish in their local supermarket or fishmonger regularly.

Feel free to reach out to the team at Business Iceland if you have any questions regarding Seafood from Iceland.

Below you can also find a list of our partners who provide the best quality available from Iceland to international harbors.

The Team

Björgvin Þór Björgvinsson

Head of Fisheries

Kristinn Björnsson

Project Manager, Seafood from Iceland

Tinna Hrund Birgirsdóttir

Trade and Invest, Project Manager, Food and Seafood

Our Partners

Rammi logo


Rammi is an Icelandic seafood and marine biotech company based in Thorlakshofn and Siglufjordur...

Iceland Responsible Fisheries logo

Iceland Responsible Fisheries

The Iceland Responsible Fisheries Foundation was established in 2011 and owns and operates the ...

Oddi logo


Oddi operates two longliners and produces frozen, fresh, and salted products and is known in lo...

Thorsness logo


Long established fishing company in Stykkishólmur on Iceland's west coast.

Iceland Seafood logo

Iceland Seafood

Iceland Seafood is a global sales, processing, and marketing group for various frozen, fresh, s...

Skinney – Þinganes logo

Skinney – Þinganes

Skinney – Þinganes formed in 1999 when three companies in Höfn merged together: Borgey hf., Ski...

Íslandssaga logo

Icelandic Saga

Icelandic Saga was founded in December 1999 in the small fishing village of Suðureyri in the We...

G. Run logo


G.RUN is an Icelandic fishing company that specialises in catching and processing whitefish.

Vísir logo


Vísir is an experienced yet innovative fishing company which operates vessels and runs its stat...

Einhamar Seafood logo

Einhamar Seafood

Einhamar Seafood was founded in 2003 and is now one of the most powerful fresh fish producers i...

Icelandair Cargo logo

Icelandair Cargo

Icelandair Cargo specializes in the transportation of fresh seafood products through its strong...

Marel logo


Leading global provider of advanced processing systems and services to the poultry, meat and fi...

Danica Seafood LTD logo

Danica Seafood

Danica seafood Ltd. was established in 1993 and is a leading export company of Icelandic seafoo...

Hraðfrystihúsið Gunnvör logo

Hraðfrystihúsið Grunnvör

HG is family owned fisheries and aquaculture company established in 1941 on the Westfjords peni...

Ísfelag logo

Ísfélag Vestmannaeyjar

Ísfélag Vestmannaeyjar is the oldest operating limited liability company in Iceland, founded on...

Hraðfrystihúsi Hellissands logo

Hraðfrystihúsi Hellissands

A family owned company for over 70 years.

Thorfish logo


Thorfish has been producing quality seafood since 1953.

Brim logo


Brim produces high-quality food products from fresh seafood in harmony with society and the env...

VSV Vestmannaeyjar Iceland logo


VSV is a proud fishery located on a small island off the coast of Iceland that goes by the name...

Bacco Sea Products logo

Bacco Seaproducts

Bacco is a strong and resourceful company with a passion for delivering quality Icelandic fish ...

Novo Food logo

Novo Food

The Icelandic-owned Novo Food in France has the strategy to offer their customers total solutio...

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